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2015 Alumni President's Message by Dr. Solo Collier

Fellow Regentonians and Patrons;
First and foremost, I want to congratulate Regentonians around the world on the 170th
Anniversary of our alma mater this year. As the premier secondary school in Sierra Leone, the
Sierra Leone Grammar School continues to produce responsible and contributing members to society. To celebrate this anniversary, our alumni association in the Washington, DC Metro Area embarked on several events which included fund-raising sponsored walks in September 2014 and 2015 to purchase new band instruments for the school; a successful symposium and exhibition on March 21, 2015; a 170th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service in which alumni were attired in bowties with the school colors; and reminiscences on Foundation Day, March 25, 2015. The celebrations culminates with a grand banquet on Saturday, November 28, 2015 at the Loft Ballroom in Laurel Maryland.

170th Anniversary Celebrations Message by A. J. Lasite

2015 marks the 170th Anniversary (Septendecintary) of the Sierra Leone Grammar School. We
are thankful to God whose grace and guidance have enabled us to attain this institutional
milestone which is of immense significance locally and overseas.
Undoubtedly, the dreams of Rev. Thomas Peyton, our pioneer Principal and others, that our
School should be “a witness to the light” have been realized as the School and her products have
continuously blazed the trail in pursuing excellence. Their achievements and commitment to
service have shaped human development in various areas. Regentonians have made a name for
themselves and the School in leadership positions in different countries and fields of endeavor.
Despite stiff competition, we have maintained our premier position among secondary schools at
home and abroad. We can hold our heads high and proudly say that our School “has stood the
test of times (and leads) as nature wills”.

171st Anniversary Celebrations Message by A. J. Lasite

On The occasion of the 171st anniversary of our beloved ALMA mater, we thank god for guiding our school throughout this period and all regentonians for their support as we endeavour to retrieve lost time

SLGS Regentonian Magazine 2017

On behalf of the editorial committee of the 2017 Regentonian Magazine (Dr. Bob Thomas, Dr. Festus Cole,
Dr. Radcliffe Thomas, Rev. Dr. Frank Hume-Dawson, and Rev. Frank Smart), welcome to another
This year, as we celebrate the 172nd Anniversary of the founding of our great School, and the 33rd Anniversary
of the Sierra Leone Grammar School Alumni Association of North America in the Washington, DC, Metro
Area, the Association is proud of the great progress we have made, especially in the launching of the
Endowment (Restricted) Fund which is noted in the President’s message and expounded on in the Financial
This year’s articles in the magazine feature Regentonians describing their unforgettable experiences as
students at the CMS/Sierra Leone Grammar School: Mr. Donald Smythe-Macauley (1945-1952), Dr. Festus
Cole (1966-1971), and Mr. Claudius Taylor (1977-1985).

SLGS Regentonian Magazine 2018

Welcome to another annual edition of the Regentonian Magazine. This year’s Magazine is primarily
devoted to Canon Akiwande Josiah Lasite, an esteemed Old Boy, who after 48 years of his educational
service to our alma mater, including 33 years as Principal of the school, proudly retires from the school.
Canon Lasite started teaching History at the Grammar School in 1970 and became head of the History
Department a year later due to his devotedness and effectualness in the classroom. Four years after the start
of his teaching career, he became the Vice Principal and in 1985, was appointed Principal of the School. As
indicated by Professor Magbaily Fyle (2016) in his book, A History of the Sierra Leone Grammar School,
“he demonstrated singular energy and commitment to the task of running the school and scored
tremendous success in this regard, making the Grammar School, by the dying years of the twentieth
century, the leading secondary school in Sierra Leone in terms of overall performance in public
exams at each stage of completion of the school cycle”.

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